What’s New In Xcode 7

You must be aware of Xcode if you are an iOS mobile application developer, Xcode is an IDE to develop iPhone applications, Apple watch appLications and now Apple TV. Apple has done a great job in developing this IDE which helps developers a lot. The latest version of Xcode is 7.0.1 which was released September 28, 2015. It has all the new feature which will be discussed in sometime. Minimum requirement of OS to run this version of Xcode is 10.10.4 and the iOS SDK included in this version is iOS 9.0, Watch OS 2. The current beta version of Xcode is 7.1 beta 2 which was released on September 23, 2015. and the minimum OS to run this beta version is also 10.10.4 The iOS SDK included in this version of Xcode is iOS 9.1 beta, Watch OS2, Tv OS beta. So this also shows that now you would be able to develop apps for Apple Tv using this Xcode as told by Apple in the WWDC 2015.


So coming back to What’s new in this version of Xcode:

  1. Now Apple has updated the swift to a newer version called SWIFT 2 so now it is include in this version of Xcode.
  2. With new playgrounds now you can experiment with the new APIs.
  3. Xcode can now even record app in action and can generate tests.Xcode
  4. Now everyone can get their app on their device irrespective of developer account. Earlier only users with developer account can test their apps on their devices but now Apple has removed this restriction but this can be done only on the latest version of the Xcode.Xcode
  5.  Playgrounds have been updated to make it more simple and easy to work with like results are displayed in-line beside the code that generated them.
  6. User Interface Testing: Xcode 7 introduces user interface testing which includes that changes you do in the code doesn’t shows as unwanted changes to the users. Rather Xcode automatically generates tests so that you can run that code later.
  7. Games: Xcode 7 include latest version of tools require to develop the games. It has include a brand new ScreenKit which provide rich screen editing and a great 3D control.