Processing Processors!

Processor is a circuitry which processes certain set of instructions and is generally replaced by Central Processing Unit(CPU). The smaller form of these processors is called microprocessors.

In year 1971, Intel with the help of Ted Hoff introduced the first microprocessor, the Intel 4004 on November 15, 1971. The 4004 had 2,300 transistors, performed 60,000 operations per second (OPS), addressed 640 bytes of memory, and cost $200.00. And from there on several microprocessors were introduced mainly by Intel and  AMD. Advancements in CPU technology now mean systems typically come with Dual Core, Triple core or Quad Core processors (on one single chip) instead of the traditional one core per chip.

Actually the processing units are called CORES. We will study this further in two parts:

 1.Single Core Processors: A single c0re processor can do one function at a time and it consists of a single processing unit.

2. Multi Core Processors:  Multi-core processor implements multiprocessing in a single physical package. It contains two or more cores in a single component. Thus we further have dual core,quad core, octa core etc. The major advantage of such arrangement is the increased speed. It also allows higher performance on lower energy.



Various Intel processors and their specifications are:



AMD also launched many processors and it is always a tough fight between Intel and AMD.


So we have many updations coming up in this field too and  which is leading to better performance of the processors.