interactive3d Dassault Systèmes,

Interactive 3D

Dassault Systèmes, a company that now 12000 in numbers is rated by Forbes as Being among the most innovative companies in the world today

The company is eyeing a new frontier that its leaders feel is in need of their breed of 3D experiences – namely the field of education. Many parents are worried by the thing that their children are more interested in games like Minecraft then by

Physics or Chemistry lessons , companies like Dassault Systèms  believe in catching up with students, not to make students to  catch up with education system.

Young students are very senstive to 3D experiences says Forestier and the company have many initiatives in domain of edication. The company has helped launch in several counties which see students designing real-world racing cars. “We help them design it and manufacture it with interactive 3D printing-Paris 3D privies viewers a  virtual reality experience of paris , to relive moments like The French Revolution and The Construction of the Eiffel Tower. Each detail in this 3D (or we shall say interactive 3D) universe is verified and validated with history experts.