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How to Remove Unused data from Android and iPhone

The Major problem that everyone suffers getting the two giants of mobile technology e.i Android and IOS is shortage of internal Memory. In Android, google after ICS 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) has disabled “Install to SD card” option which means one can not install apps in external memory in some phones.
Here are some ways to get the data:

1. By removing Unused/Unwanted Apps:


1. Go to Settings.
2. Select APPS in DEVISE section.
3. Choose the app that is not used by you.
5. Choose OK.

One can remove the Apps by going to iphone Menu and then on holding the app icon till the X comes with wiggling. Select the X to uninstall app.


2. One can clear the history of internet browsing. For Iphone,there is Safari Browser mostly used.
For chrome ,Go to “settings”, Select Privacy and then select CLEAR BROWSING DATA option.
Select the type of data you want to wipe out.

3. The best way one can remove Sluggishness from their phone is doing the FACTORY RESET but it would also remove the important things like contacts. If one wants to do Factory Reset then he can take backup of phone. iPhone has iCloud and android has Google sync as important tools.

1. Go to settings.
2. Select Google in Accounts section.
3. Make account or select the account already being created.

When you would next sign in with your account next time,google would provide all the data that has been synchronized with it.
For photos, one can also use Drop box, flickr, PhotoBucket.
Dropbox provide 5gb free usage to its can use google+ for around 1000GB.

1. Launch the Settings
2. Select icloud.
3. Tap Backup
4. Tap on backup now.

4. Clear your cache
Cache is used for fast processing your phone. The more old your phone, the more old its cache memory but it consumes the memory.

For Android

One can clear the cache by going to settings and then to apps and then selecting the app. Select the clear cache option

1. Tap Settings > General usage
2. Tap Manage Storage.
3. Tap an item in Documents and Data.
4. Delete Application.

One can use computer for taking the backup of files. Iphone Backup can be taken from Itunes and android important files can be stored to computer directly.


5. Using third party apps to move apps to SD

For Android
One can use the apps like
1. Link2SD
2. Move to SD card
3. Send to SD card
4. Application Transformer

Article By- Anshuman Dutta