Is your website mobile friendly

Google’s New Search Algorithm for Indexing

On April 21, 2015 Google implemented an update that will use your mobile friendliness as a ranking factor for mobile search i.e from now on mobile friendly sites will take priority in mobile search algorithm. There are many instances when websites outrank mobile friendly sites, but after this update by google, the scenario is most likely will no longer.

Is your website mobile friendly
Is your website mobile friendly

If mobile users make up less than 20% of your web traffic

i.e your website is mainly accessed via desktops, then you need not to worry much about this update.

To test your website for mobile-friendly, just visit


  •  Use mobile website builders such as DudaMobile, MinoMobile or WPTouch.
  • Get a Developer involved and try to add some media queries at most of key size differentiators.
  • Determine your top-performing pages and start with them

The good news about mobile algorithm is that Google’s saying that it will work on page by page basis.

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