Facebook rolled out message requests for Messenger

We all are using Facebook and we know how good Facebook as a company and they have rolled out something that can change a lot how we communicate with people around us. Earlier Facebook bought Whatsapp. That was a big move and now i think this means a lot why did that because they somehow want to bring out their own messenger on the top of others. After that Facebook did something really strange, they separated their messenger from Facebook application and launched it as a different application. Now they rolled out message request for messenger. What is it now…well this is something like Whatsapp now. In a latest post of David Markus who is vice president of messaging products at Facebook posted on his timeline on Facebook.

David Markus

You can now directly send messages on messenger to people doesn’t matter they are connected on Facebook account with you. This is good in some terms but they really have to take care of spams. We don’t know this is going to be in future. But this is it you can now talk to people more easily. All you have to do is send message request from messenger to connect on messenger.



Article By : Ankush Bhatia