ARTICLE BY: Ankush Bhatia iCI17

iOS Conference India – iCI17

Finally a great news for iOS developers has come. Conferences have always been a great way to interact and learn new things. It can motivate you so much, and here in India we often see developers imagining good meet ups. Seems […]

ARTICLE BY: Shelly Thakur images

How a Laser printer works?

A printer is a peripheral which makes a human readable representation of graphics or text on paper or similar physical media. The laser printer, based on a modified xerographic copier, was invented at Xerox in 1969 by researcher Gary Starkweather, who […]

ARTICLE BY: Shelly Thakur images

Self Destructing Chip

As we all know, “Chip” is short for microchip, the incredibly complex yet tiny modules that store computer memory or provide logic circuitry for microprocessors. A new computer chip made of tempered glass that self destructs in seconds when remotely […]

ARTICLE BY: Neha Bansal ubuntu

Microsoft and Ubuntu

A recent rumor has sparked waves of fear and outrage throughout the Linux community. The word is that Microsoft is in secret negotiations to purchase Canonical, the Ubuntu company. With Ubuntu and its derivatives installed on millions of home computers […]

ARTICLE BY: Ankush Bhatia Xcode

What’s New In Xcode 7

You must be aware of Xcode if you are an iOS mobile application developer, Xcode is an IDE to develop iPhone applications, Apple watch appLications and now Apple TV. Apple has done a great job in developing this IDE which […]

ARTICLE BY: Ankush Bhatia Apple WWDC


  Apple kicked off the event WWDC at San Francisco with lot of things that can put your interest into it. Apple announced so much things I mean great amazing things. So starting of with Apple watch. APPLE WATCH Apple […]