Bridging the gap between Developers and IP Messaging.


Lets move back in time when telephone and calling a person was big deal. Back then in 1850 first electric telegraph line was started in India.  The Anglo-Indian Telephone Company  and The Oriental Telephone Company Ltd. were two companies which approached Indian Government with aim to set up telephony in the country. This happened in 1880 and it was refused by the government saying it would become a monopoly of companies only. SO government took under itself  but later on license was granted resulting in opening of telephone exchanges in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.


WhatsApp and similar kinda apps are hot these days. They provide quite a easy way to text over IP which is inexpensive. Imagine today you all have to send tons of messages  to others over your carrier…… can you calculate the cost that you would have to pay. This is major reason along with some enhancements IP Messaging comes in between and saves you. Apart from sending text, image and audio formats can be sent too.


We have now crossed border of manual messaging and have many APIs which can do the work of sending automated SMS (over carrier) like ones you get after booking a ticket or ordering a pizza about the status of order, even invoice are now auto generated and send to you as messages.  Usually “” format for SMS to text capable cell phones. Thus making automation in cellular communication. It been industry level implementation now and growing over the network around the globe.


Hmm.. So, what you can expect more out of it? Must be the next generation and a level up for communication networks and exchange. Simply the answer is Automating the IP Messaging or IP Calls… Imagine companies and firms making Customer Care numbers using Whatsapp or Line or Hike. Instead of calling over your carrier you call over Internet to anybody…. Such a feature would be the future of telecommunications. I would like to call it AutomatedTeleCommunication. Now questions arise What we can do with it, How will this will changing our daily talking and messaging….maybe its already changing under our finger tips and maybe we already using unknowingly thus Bridging the gap between Developers and IP Messaging.