ARTICLE BY: Neha Bansal ubuntu

Microsoft and Ubuntu

A recent rumor has sparked waves of fear and outrage throughout the Linux community. The word is that Microsoft is in secret negotiations to purchase Canonical, the Ubuntu company. With Ubuntu and its derivatives installed on millions of home computers […]

ARTICLE BY: Neha Bansal apple_techclinch

Hey Siri, give us a hint!!!!

In line with reports earlier this month, Apple is all set to host its next-gen iPhone launch event on September 9. The company will be live streaming the event on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and also for PC users. […]

ARTICLE BY: Neha Bansal display

Watch out for the 11K mobile display of Samsung!!

Today many people are still considering the Quad HD displays a result of a useless numbers race sacrificing processing power for little real life benefit. But Samsung is already looking way past that and is going after the next major […]

ARTICLE BY: Neha Bansal mozilla and windows

Mozilla is unhappy with Microsoft over Windows 10 changes

Mozilla, the company behind the web browser Firefox, is accusing Microsoft of discouraging users from changing default applications in Windows 10. Microsoft’s latest operating system, released this week, changed the way to set preferred applications for Internet browsing, calendar and […]