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Bridging the gap between Developers and IP Messaging.

HISTORY Lets move back in time when telephone and calling a person was big deal. Back then in 1850 first electric telegraph line was started in India.  The Anglo-Indian Telephone Company  and The Oriental Telephone Company Ltd. were two companies which […]

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Technology that you can wear!

1. Jawbone UP3     (above Rs. 13,000) Heaps of data, cleverly presented: the UP3 could be the answer to your motion-motivating dreams.The UP3 only comes in one size but there’s an adjustable clasp so in theory should fit any […]

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Detecting Earthquakes

Most recent Earthquake with intensity above 7 had its epicentre in Hindu Kush Region, Afghanistan. So what is an earthquake really? Ahh apart from the shaking you feel. It is not simple as it seems… shaking of earth. An earthquake is […]

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Home Automation Gadgets

Automation refers to controlling automatically, there can be variety of stuff you can control and use like machines, lights, shades of windows in your home, speed of fan etc. with minimal or very low human intervention.   In layman’s words, […]

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OS X El Capitan

With the launch of iOS 9 in recent few days, it has already breakthrough record downloading from Apple with more than 50% adoption with less than two weeks and with iPhone 6S/6s+ shipment on, there are 13 million already sold […]

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Animation 1. What is Animation? It is simply showing motion through dynamics of shape, size and position, which creates illusion of movement. This can be achieved by series of static images that have little variation from each other. 2. Animation […]

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PSLV: Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

Proud moment for Indians came when ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)  successfully launched PSLV ‘C28′ which took five satellite from United Kingdom on July 10th, 2015 into polar Sun Synchronous Orbit. Until now ISRO have successfully launched 45 foreign satellite and 6.5 crore revenue […]