Apple WWDC



Apple kicked off the event WWDC at San Francisco with lot of things that can put your interest into it. Apple announced so much things I mean great amazing things. So starting of with Apple watch.


Apple Watch

Apple announced Watch OS 2 will be available this fall so there is a lot for developers in it and also for users. Now you will be able to make custom watch faces from your photos. There is also a good news for the developers as they can make complications with fancy way of showing things on the Apple watch. Apple introduced a new feature to the Apple Watch, they called it Time Travel. Now you can go back in time to see what happened in the past like you wanted to go somewhere and you want to know the weather conditions of that city prior to your visit. You can just roll back to see the weather in the past. I thing this is a major software enhancement. Another major enhancement is Facetime Audio Calls. Now you can make Facetime audio calls though Apple Watch. Now developers can build native applications for the Apple Watch because now they can use every hardware they want to use before this they could only use Watchkit to build Apple Watch applications.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro

Phil Schiller started with quote “iPad since iPad”. He announced the latest iPad Pro with all of its capabilities. He told that what we can do on iPad  we cannot do on notebook. It has now the processing power of the PC so you can imagine now how powerful this thing is.

Tech Features:

a. Display:

1. 12.9 inch diagonally

2. 2732 x 2048 pixel resolution

3. 5.6 million pixels more than in any present 15 inch  macbook retina pro

4. Large sharp text.

b. Hardware Enhancements:

1. Custom Timing Control

2. Accurate Photo Alignment

 3. Oxide TFT

4. For the first time included Variable Refresh Rate which helps in saving the energy

c. Cpu and Gpu

1. A9X (3rd Gen) 64 Bit

2. 2X faster than predecessor

3. 2X faster memory

4. CPU has grown to 22X from the original.

5. GPU has grown to 360X from original.

d. Metal Library:

1. 80% faster than portable PC

2. 90% faster in graphics.

e. Battery:

10 Hrs of continuous heavy usage

f. Audio

For the first Apple introduced four speakers in the iPad or if i am not wrong in any iOS device. It has 3 times more audio volume than iPad Air 2.

g. Thickness and weight

Thickness: 6.9mm

Weight: 1.57lb

h. Camera

8Mp iSight camera

iPad Pro Price

Accessories for iPad Pro:

1. Apple Pencil:


With this revolutionary product you can do a lot. It has many great features like you can draw the way you want. Like if you press hard it will draw bolder otherwise it will draw light. You can draw shades by slating the pencil.

Apple Pencil

There will be apps regarding drawing and moreover Microsoft guys gave demo for the Apple Pencil on how they can use Apple Pencil in Powerpoint and Excel and Word and this could be the revolution in the apps industry. For how we develop architectures and designs. To charge the Apple Pencil you have to connect the lightning connector at the back of the Apple pencil. There will be built in apps for Apple Pencil also. Price for the Apple Pencil will be 99$.

2. Smart Keyboard


What do you say guys for this. Isn’t looking amazing because you will be amazed to know that it connects using magnetic connector at the side of the iPad Pro and that will also act as power source for keyboard and it will transfer data from keyboard to iPad Pro. Here is the innovation.


Price of this accessory is 169$.

Apple Tv

Apple TV

Apple launched the new Apple Tv with new Tv OS for developers with the all new amazing user interface with new remote. Remote is very exciting now as it has touch surface to interact directly wit touch and also it has siri in built into it. So what you speak now is what remote do. Once charged battery in remote will last till 3 months. To use Siri all you have to press the siri button and spak what you want to search. Now siri so smart that it can perform really great actions like it can show subs if you say “what did she say” Siri will take you back and then again run the video with subs on. Also the Os is built on iOS so now developers can develop apps for Apple Tv using Xcode. Remote also has accelerometer and gyro sensor. Cost of the Apple Tv is $149 for 32 Gb and $199 for 64 Gb. It will be available in the late October.



Apple launched two models this year iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with the quote “Everything that’s changed is everything”. It has all the new upgrades in cpu and gpu iPhone now uses new A9 processor. Now the iPhone uses new Aluminium 7000 series which is more strong than the previous alloy used for the iPhone. This time apple introduced one new colour in the iPhone lineup. It has now new glass which they said is the strongest till now. Also apple introduced 3d touch also known as force touch to the iPhones which now completely changes how we use our iPhones. The processor is 70% faster than A8 and 90% faster in graphics performance. It has new M9 processor to track our daily routines. but the thing is now it is integrated into the A9 processor which saves the battery and space. One more thing….

Now “Here Siri” doesn’t require to be plugged in charging. Apple has bumped up the camera to 12Mp which a major upgrade in so many years. Camera can now shoot 4K video recording. Apple has introduced a new 5Mp front camera with Retina Flash. Also now we can click live photos.


Article By: Ankush Bhatia