1. What is Animation?

It is simply showing motion through dynamics of shape, size and position, which creates illusion of movement. This can be achieved by series of static images that have little variation from each other.


2. Animation Techniques

a. Old Fashion In order to create illusion of movement, each frame of old animated films are photographs of drawings, drawn on paper sheets; each one differs slightly from other. The drawings are copied on acetate sheets known as cels, The full characters cels are pictured one-to-one with a painted background by a rostrum camera onto motion picture film.

b. Computer Animation

i. 2D All those animations that include a computer anywhere in the procedure are computer-assisted animation. It replaced paper, pen, pencil, and film. Drawing directly into an animation software with Pen Tablet or Flash animation or coloring and layering handy animation. You must have seen Disney’s Lion King that is example of typical hand drawn animation.

ii. 3D 3D is all digital. From modeling to manipulations, everything is digitally handled. The person starts with making a 3D polygon mesh to change and modify according to the motive. Mesh is internally digitally structured and behaves similar to real world mesh on applying pressure but more ideally in here. Functions includes law of gravity and particle movements that are one of major part of animation Techniques from 3D animation are Stereoscopic 3D(Avatar) Motion Capture (Lord Of the Rings: Golem) Morphing(MJ’s Black & White song video )

c. Stop Motion

Its like taking pictures of each physical world frame one by one by manually modifying each situations series and then capturing it by camera. Joining them and making a clip out of it. It is time consuming and typically good for short animations only. (sheep pogo)