Shrusti Nerkar smart shower idea

12 Year Old Girl came up with Idea of Smart Shower

Shrusti Nerkar smart shower idea

A 12 year old girl has come up with the idea of smart shower that will totally change the way  we take bathe. Using her brilliant idea we will be able to solve the problem of wastage of water from the shower. She has developed a special type of nozzle that can reduce the wastage of water. We have heard from the past all the great inventions occurred after observing the environment. We can take of an example here, long way back when there was no knowledge of gravitational force. Newton was once lying on the ground and he saw an apple falling on the ground and that action forced him to think about the gravitational force. Similar is the case here with this girl named “Shrusti Nerkar”, she saw her dad washing car and she observed that if a car can be washed with only two liters of water then why can’t we apply something same with the shower.

Result of the observation, she developed something with which we can save a large amount of water. You can just imagine from the figure that usually it takes around 65 liters of water for single person in shower but now with the special type of shower it will only take 15 liters of water for single person.

She has already applied the technology for the patent. From reports it seems that the technology can help in supplying water to a population of 17 lakhs for 34 days.

She says, “My next step to improve this innovation and make it more environment friendly is to develop a sensor which will save water when the person is not under it!”

Article By : Ankush Bhatia