Tech & Teleportation

Imagine you are sitting on your sofa watching your fav. movie like Star Trek or other goofy movies that make you think will i be able to do that … eh! Maybe in next millennium !! but still next thing […]

Samsung may be working on new round display smartwatch, Orbis

Orbis- new round display smartwatch by Samsung

Samsung reportedly working on new round display smartwatch codenamed Orbis Samsung may be working on an all new round display smartwatch to take on the likes of LG, Motorola, even Apple, a report by Sammobile suggested. The report also unveiles […]

Facebook releases fandom map- techclinch.com

Facebook releases fandom map

Let’s see what exactly is a fandom map Facebook has taken some data and put together an amazing map that shows which teams are the most popular throughout the country. Facebook used the number of “likes” each team had per […]


Graphics Card!

A graphics card is what your computer uses to convert data in your machine to useful images on your monitor. Graphics cards – also known as video cards – come in a wide variety of models, with many different options available. Graphics […]


After you delete something,is it really gone?

In my experience, most computer users have one of two concerns about the effect of deleting something: They want to make sure it’s really gone (e.g., “prom pictures Mom took of me” ), or They didn’t mean to delete it […]


What is a web crawler and how it works ?

Web crawler is an automated program or script that methodically scans or crawls through websites to create an index for the data it’s looking for. By creating index of particular words searched, results displayed by search engine are more relevant […]


Let’s make a sense about “Sensors”!

Sensors, as we all know “senses” a particular thing, it can be heat,touch,pressure or anything. We use a lot of sensors around us. For example a thermometer is basic example of  sensor as the mercury senses the body heat and […]