ARTICLE BY: Ankush Bhatia iCI17

iOS Conference India – iCI17

Finally a great news for iOS developers has come. Conferences have always been a great way to interact and learn new things. It can motivate you so much, and here in India we often see developers imagining good meet ups. Seems […]

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Bridging the gap between Developers and IP Messaging.

HISTORY Lets move back in time when telephone and calling a person was big deal. Back then in 1850 first electric telegraph line was started in India.  The Anglo-Indian Telephone Company  and The Oriental Telephone Company Ltd. were two companies which […]

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Does Planet 9 Really Exist?

Caltech scientists have found certain evidence that proposed a hypothetical concept which suggests that there may be a Planet X deep in the solar system. This planet is believed to be orbiting around Sun in a highly elongated orbit. The […]

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Intel has Helmet That Gives X Ray Vision

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016 is going on and all the new and latest technical things can be seen in the CES show. In the show Intel has revealed a new helmet that is a sort of technology which […]

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Atmel Launches High-Performance Debugging Tool…

On 15th December,2015 Atmel Launched its high performance debugging tool that enables customers to visualize the power usage of their product during the development cycle. Now for those who don’t know what a debugging tool is, here is the defination. […]